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Insurance 101

It’s a safe bet that, at some point in your life, your home- or auto-insurance policy is going to be used — whether you’re rear-ended on your way to work or a kitchen fire claims your new cabinets. Here are some basic insurance terms that can help you communicate when you need to file a claim. Policy: The written contract stating the conditions of your... Read Article

Check Business Insurance Off Your List

Business insurance — check. Grinnell Mutual’s standard business insurance package covers property, general liability, crime, and inland marine. But are you covered for commercial auto, workers’ compensation, employment practices liability, cyber liability, and equipment coverage? Coverage gaps in your business insurance plan could cost you a small fortune in property or liability expenses. Contact a our agents at Pardridge Insurance (815-758-4447) to check these coverages... Read Article

Commercial Background Checks

Grinnell Mutual’s Commercial Program offers professional background screening services. Background checks help you ensure the quality and retention of your new hires, manage and minimize risk, and increase safety in your organization. IntelliCorp® Grinnell Mutual’s partnership with IntelliCorp provides our commercial customers with discounted rates on background checks and employment screening products to help policyholders mitigate risk and serve organizational needs. Hiring quality employees is... Read Article

What The Blink?! Protecting your Home from Power Surges.

Have you ever had the lights flicker or dim at your home or place of business? If you answered, yes, you have experienced a power quality issue. Should you be concerned about power quality issues? The answer is a resounding yes. With today’s array of smart appliances and sophisticated components within your home and business, power quality is an issue about which everyone should be... Read Article

Fly Right: Drone Safety and Drone Rules

Do you own a drone? Though the legal landscape is changing fast, there are best practices and regulations for drone usage, whether you’re having fun in your backyard or using it for your photography business or to survey your farm. Use your drone safely Drones are also known as unmanned aircraft system or UASs Whether you’re having fun in your backyard or using it for... Read Article