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Safety First! Knowing the Where and How of Fire Extinguishers.

  It also means knowing how to stop a fire once it starts. Teaching your family and work team the basics of fire fighting could reduce fire damage at home and your workplace. There are 3 common types of fires: ordinary combustibles, like paper, wood, and trash; flammable liquids, greases, or gases; and energized electrical equipment. Fire extinguishers are built to put out one or... Read Article

Have a Fire Escape Plan: Get Low and Go

It’s hard to think about your house and your things — your whole life — going up in flames. It can be even harder to talk about such a scary possibility with your children. But working out an escape plan that everyone can follow and understand can prevent a tragedy. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2013, there were nearly 2,800 deaths... Read Article

Electrical Issues Top the List of Fire Causes

In 2015, electrical issues claimed the top spot in the annual list of fire origins based on statistical data gathered by our partner Grinnell Mutual’s Special Investigations. Of the 654 new investigations in 2015, 39 percent of determined fires were electrical, with combustibles placed near heat sources coming in at 21 percent, and incendiaries at 18 percent. Other noted fire catalysts included natural causes (6 percent),... Read Article

We Wish You a Fire-free Holiday Season!

To add warmth to your home during the holiday season, you might start a fire, light a candle, or plug in the twinkle lights on a Christmas tree. Keep safe and warm by the fire Fireplaces are so inviting, but can be so dangerous when people and objects are crammed around the open flame. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), placing items such... Read Article

No Flames Here Checklist!

Because everyone has a stake in Fire Safety... From the 6,500 daily fires that rage in our nation, more than 1,500 homes; 128 hotels, motels and apartments; 195 stores, offices and restaurants; and 240 other businesses are destroyed. Don’t let your business become a statistic. Everyone on your team has a part to play in fire safety. Preventing fires can be simple Fire safety takes... Read Article