Three Ways a Security Camera Can Protect your Business!

security-cameras-mainGMRCLogo1From convenience stores to warehouse facilities, security cameras have become a common sight.

“When you have a camera, you have a witness,” said Glenn Sasse, manager of loss control at Grinnell Mutual. “Seeing a camera is likely to deter someone considering theft and vandalism to your property.”

#1 – Catching bad guys

“Cameras help catch criminals,” said Sasse. “Police may use them in an investigation.”

Cameras should be trained on all entrances and exits, including the loading dock. A business with cash registers may also want to have additional cameras trained to see both the employee and the customer.

“Sometimes we find out that the cameras are there for show and they are not recording,” said Sasse. “We prefer to see insureds record and store camera video for at least 30 days.”

Newer security camera systems can record to DVD or disk drive. Some even allow business and property owners to monitor remotely via a secure Internet connection.

#2 – Preventing fraud

Businesses can be at risk for liability claims from slips, trips, and falls. In addition, employee accidents can result in costly workers’ compensation claims.

“With claims, cameras can be a benefit for insureds because they have video evidence,” said Sasse. “No one may see a person fall in an aisle, but with security cameras, there is now a witness.”

#3 – Monitoring sensitive locations

As you review your business operations, you may identify locations within your facility that are prone to theft or accidents.

“Understand the concerns,” said Sasse. “Could a camera trained on these places help prevent theft?”

Once the cameras are installed, inspect them and their footage regularly to make sure equipment is working properly and monitoring the sensitive locations as intended. You may learn that certain locations need better lighting or other loss control measures.

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Some information in this article used with permission from IDT911.

September 8th, 2015 by Pardridge Insurance Agency, Inc.