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Turkey Tech Talk: 5 ways Technology Can Enhance your Thanksgiving

No gadgets (with the possible exception of an electric turkey-carving knife) are allowed at the Turkey Day table. But up until that moment when all of your nearest and dearest are settled neatly around the table, technology can be a big help in holiday preparations. Here are five ways to put technology to work so you can­ enjoy a relaxing holiday and stay connected with... Read Article

Test Your Home for Radon and Protect your Family’s Health

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that likely exists in many homes in the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this naturally occurring gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. During National Radon Action Month, Grinnell Mutual recommends testing your home for radon. “The most important reason to test your home for radon is to identify potential air quality issues,” said... Read Article

What Should I Do if I Start Hydroplaning?

  By: Erie Insurance from www.eriesense.com If you can’t avoid traveling on wet roads altogether, it’s best to drive slow and steady. But what should you do if you start hydroplaning anyway? The first thing to do is relax, as frantic movements will only make your situation worse. As you feel your car lose contact with the road, calmly but firmly grip the steering wheel with... Read Article

No Ice is Safe Ice: Ice Fishermen Talk About Safety

Ice fisherman Terry Hintz still remembers the day he went through the ice at a natural, spring-fed lake near Mason City, Iowa. "People were ice fishing about 20-30 yards from shore by the outlet at Clear Lake.  I was probably 10 yards from shore. You could see footprints where people walked to get out there. There was a crack in the ice and people were... Read Article

What's the Most Dangerous Part of your Employee's Work Day? 8 Tips to Keep Your Staff Safe.

By: Carolyn Sennett from www.eriesense.com For many businesses, the most dangerous part of the workday is the time the employees spend in their vehicles. In fact, transportation crashes are the number one cause of on-the-job deaths in the country, according to the Department of Labor. The leading causes of accidents are often distractions. From eating, drinking and reading to using a navigation system, adjusting the... Read Article