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Is My Student's Personal Information Protected?

Who better to impersonate than someone who has no reason to check his or her credit report? That’s why 500,000 children under age 18 are victims of identity theft each year. Because parents are repeatedly asked to share their children’s personal information as they grow up, it’s easy for parents to expose kids to fraud without realizing it. College students, too, are at a high... Read Article

Safety Tips for Staying Safe While Staying Warm from Grinnell Mutual

 With temperatures dropping, people are turning up the heat at home. High gas and electricity costs are causing some to consider alternative heating sources—including space heaters, wood stoves, fireplaces, and generators.  Pardridge Insurance, along with Grinnell Mutual, would like to remind homeowners that these heating sources can pose serious risks if not used properly. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), the last peak in... Read Article

Four Ways to Prepare Your Boat for Winter

Shorter days, turning leaves, and chilly water temperatures signal that soon it may be time to store your boat. Before you store your boat, Pardridge Insurance and Grinnell Mutual recommends performing end-of-season maintenance. “The primary purpose of winterizing your boat is to prevent the engine block from freezing, cracking, or related mechanical failure that you may discover as you prepare for that first trip around... Read Article

Do You Hear the BEEP Where You Sleep?!

Proper smoke alarm placement can save your life Not only is checking the batteries and testing your smoke alarms important to your safety, but also key is placing smoke alarms in the proper places. Alarms should be in the basement, outside sleeping areas, and inside each bedroom. View the infographic below to learn more about smoke alarm placement. More information about fire prevention This article... Read Article

Fire Safety Checklist for Businesses!

Because everyone has a stake in Fire Safety...be sure to know these important points!  Don’t let your business or workplace become a statistic. Everyone on your team has a part to play in fire safety. Take the time to be sure that your FIRE SAFETY CHECKLIST has been gone over - for your business and home! Here is a printable PDF Checklist: Everyone-Has-a-Stake-in-Fire-Safety.... Read Article