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Life Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents

If you never thought a stay-at-home parent needed life insurance, you might want to think again. That’s because in addition to being full-time caregivers, stay-at-home parents are often also cooks, housekeepers, tutors, psychologists, chauffeurs, nurses and more. That’s a lot of responsibilities that often demands life insurance protection. One person who does all of the above and more is Beth Schiedel, mom of Zita, 3,... Read Article

Does your Auto Insurance Need a Tune-Up?

When a disaster hits you hard, the most important thing is the safety of your family. We know your concern is a place to stay, clothes to wear, and food to eat. One of the insurance carriers Pardridge Insurance represents is Grinnell Mutual.  When you’re insured through Grinnell Mutual and/or FarMutual®, they will help you save money and get back on your feet with one... Read Article

Whose Insurance Pays When Your Friend Crashes Your Car?

Auto insurance typically follows the car rather than the driver. This means that your insurance will likely pay if your friend crashes your car. There are two exceptions: The first is when the damage and/or injuries exceed the available limits on your policy. In this instance, it’s possible that your friend’s insurance would kick in to cover the outstanding balance. Another exception can occur when... Read Article

Six Questions to Ask an Insurance Agent

When your life changes oftentimes your insurance needs to change, too. Yet it’s not always clear what kind of insurance protection fits you, your family or your business. What a family of six needs is much different than what a single 20-something needs. That’s why at ERIE, an insurance agent is there to help you get everything squared away.  Pardridge Insuance can help! Here are... Read Article

Insurance 101

It’s a safe bet that, at some point in your life, your home- or auto-insurance policy is going to be used — whether you’re rear-ended on your way to work or a kitchen fire claims your new cabinets. Here are some basic insurance terms that can help you communicate when you need to file a claim. Policy: The written contract stating the conditions of your... Read Article