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Does your Auto Insurance Need a Tune-Up?

When a disaster hits you hard, the most important thing is the safety of your family. We know your concern is a place to stay, clothes to wear, and food to eat. One of the insurance carriers Pardridge Insurance represents is Grinnell Mutual.  When you’re insured through Grinnell Mutual and/or FarMutual®, they will help you save money and get back on your feet with one... Read Article

Is My College Student Covered?

College students have a lot on their minds this time of year besides meeting back up with friends. They’re purchasing textbooks, finalizing class schedules, applying for jobs, and moving back into apartments.  With classes underway, has your college student considered purchasing renters insurance? This young group of renters own a significant amount of electronics (including laptops, cell phones, ipods, televisions, and more), in addition to... Read Article

Is My Student's Personal Information Protected?

Who better to impersonate than someone who has no reason to check his or her credit report? That’s why 500,000 children under age 18 are victims of identity theft each year. Because parents are repeatedly asked to share their children’s personal information as they grow up, it’s easy for parents to expose kids to fraud without realizing it. College students, too, are at a high... Read Article

When I needed Pardridge Insurance, they were there for me!

Pardridge Insurance client Steve Rasmussen had property involved in the April 9, 2015 tornado that devastated Fairdale, IL.  He was happy to have Pardridge Insurance on his side working to help him after the disaster.  Please read his experience ~ "One year ago at about 7:15pm, a violent F4 tornado struck Fairdale, IL.  The only commercial business in town was my business Woodsman Lumber.  I... Read Article

Enjoy the holidays, fire-free, with tips from Grinnell Mutual

As the holiday season approaches, homes will soon be glowing with decorations both inside and out, delicious foods will be baked, menorahs lit, and carefully wrapped packages will appear under Christmas trees. Though often forgotten, the season and its traditions pose an increased risk for fire hazards. “In the 31 years that I have been conducting fire investigations, I have heard countless times, ‘I always... Read Article